Parker Family

Application to Probate Will
of Eula Marie Parker

No. 6602
Estate of Eula M. Parker, Deceased

In the County Court of Rusk County, Texas
To the Honorable Judge of Said Court:

Now comes George Edwin Mize, hereinafter called Applicant, and would respectfully show the Court the following:


That this applicant, George Edwin Mize, has his domicile in New York County, New York and that his address is 425 East 51st Street, New York 10022.


That Eula M. Parker, sometimes herein called deceased, died on the 5th day of January, 1964 in Rusk County, Texas, and that the domicile of the deceased was in Mt. Enterprise in Rusk County, Texas, and that she was ninety years of age at the time of her death. That her estate existed of a house and lot, household goods and approximately $100.00 in cash, all of which is located in Rusk County, Texas, with a total probable value of $3,000.00.


That deceased died testate and that her last will and testament is dated the 15th day of February, 1936, naming his applicant as executor, whose address is as above set forth, and that said will is wholly in the handwriting of deceased, and that Ennis Bohannan and Don Langston are the subscribing witnesses to said will, and that both of said witnesses reside at Mt. Enterprise, Texas. That said will, executed as required by the Texas Probate Code, if filed herewith.


That the deceased was never married and that no child was born to her or adopted by her during her lifetime, either before or after the making of said will. Since she was never married, she was never divorced. That her father and mother died before her death and that all of her brothers and sisters died prior to her death. That she was survived only by nieces and nephews, including this applicant who is married. That none of said nieces and nephews were named as beneficiaries under said will except this applicant. That all of said nieces and nephews are over twenty-one years of age including this applicant, and the following is a list of such nieces and nephews insofar as is known by applicant: This Applicant, whose address is given above, and Roy Parker, Wilbur P. Parker and Eula Vigham, all of Mobile, Alabama; Henry Allen Parker, Orlando, Florida; Minnie V. Parker, Birmingham, Alabama; Fox Parker, Marfa, Texas; Bill Parker, San Francisco, California; Jake Parker, Houston, Texas; Martha Milligan, Del Rio, Texas; Zelda Smith, Brownwood, Texas; Theda Rhae Parker, Marlin, Texas; Parmaline Fairie, in California but address unknown to applicant; Thelma Hart, Nacogdoches, Texas; Thelma Gosa, Beaumont, Alabama; Catherine Richie, Birmingham, Alabama; James Parker, Houston, Texas; Lewis Parker, Monroe Parker and Charles Parker, whose addresses are unknown to applicant; a niece who was Alice Parker who is now married and lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and a niece who was Clare Parker and lives in Mobile, Alabama, but their names after their marriages are unknown to applicant. That all of said persons are married insofar as is known by applicant except Minnie V. Parker and Martha Parker.


That the applicant is not disqualified by law from accepting letters testamentary in said estate.

WHEREFORE, this applicant prays that such citations and notices as are requiredby law be issued, that said will be admitted to probate, and that such other and further orders be made as to the Court may seem proper.

by /sig/ Chas. W. Shaw
Attorneys for Applicant
Federal Savings Building
Henderson, Texas

FILED: 9 DAY OF JAN., 1964